Homemade Chicken drinking system

How to make a Cheap Watering System for Chickens

Once again I started this project with an idea but was not sure how it’s going to end or even if it was going to work. I found a couple of obstacles when I build the gravity fed waterer but figured out quickly how to make the system work 100% Before I tell you about How to make a Cheap Watering System for Chickens, let take a look at Bell Drinkers.

Buying Bell Drinkers and Drinking holders for a chicken farming business is very costly. Once you bought a Bell Drinker you still need to do fitting and buy piping for your layout from your main water supply into your coops. Couplings, clamps, control valves and many more nominal expenses needs to be purchased before you can start feeding water to your chickens. Planing thoroughly is always a good measure before you start installing your water system.

The watering system I build was cheap and I mainly used recycle materials. I only had to buy a valve that was around R 80 or $5

How to make a Cheap Watering System for Chickens

My first challenges was to make sure that the system works for both day old chicks all the way to fully grown chickens. Solving this problem I raised my day old chicks bedding to 150 mm of sawdust and gently squeezed the water drinker about 100 mm into the sawdust. This works well and the day old chick could enjoy fresh water whenever the needed to.

The second challenge was to keep the day old chicks as well as the almost grown chicks out of the water to keep it fresh and clean. What I have done was to take the radius of the base and subtracted 40 mm and made a wire mesh ring that fit perfect into the water drinker. I made it about 600 mm high so that the day old and younger chickens could not jump over. I am not concerned about the bigger broiler trying to jump in as they are to heavy to jump.

This watering system now works well for day old up to fully grown chickens. I also made a bigger scale drinker for my pigs on the same system and only clean the waterer once a week with and then spray it down with Virukill to avoid any bacteria growing in or on the base.

The system was made to be connected to a 1000 litre water tank that is about 40 meters outside of the chicken coop and is elevated to roughly 2 meters. That ensure a decent gravity flow for the water and means that we one less job to worry about.

In this video you can see how I build the gravity fed water drinker and how the chickens enjoy having fresh water all the time.

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