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Free Advertising on FSA (Farming South Africa)

Farming South Africa has a free buy and sell category where you can upload as many products as you need. Buy and Selling of livestock, beekeeping, chickens, pigs, agricultural products and farming equipment.

Why advertise on FSA ?

Why advertise on FSA ? – FSA or Farming South Africa is one of the top farming and agriculture website in SA. People search products such as feed and agriculture products everyday and our unique visitors are 90 000 growing monthly.

Our advertising options are based on 3 categories.

  • Full Page
  • Pinned Post
  • Suppliers

What is Full Page Advertising and how will it help you grow your business?

A full page on our Website is all about your business and could act as a website or web page if you do not already own one. Should you sell poultry equipment in Sandton Gauteng, your business will be ranked by Google when the keywords Poultry Equipment is search in the Sandton Gauteng area.

You can add up to 5 images, a full business description, your location and contact details on the page which in return will act as a web page for you business with an high traffic volume as our website generate thousands of visitors per day.

Social Links are allowed and links to your website. The cost of a full page is R999.00.

What is a Pinned Post and how will it help you grow your business?

Once you have an full page you get your post pinned. That means that every person visiting the website will see your page header first. This is an very effective method that can drive 30% more traffic to your FSA page.

Advertise on FSA
Example of a Pinned Post on the main page

Advertising on the Supplier Page

Needless to say, people search suppliers of farming products on a daily basis. If you are selling feed, livestock, day old chicks or equipment, there is always people looking for someone close-by.

If you list your business as a Supplier you can add a logo or image, short description of your business and contact details. One website or social link are allowed due to limited space.

Suppliers get listed in our Suppliers Category by Province or All of South Africa.

Suppliers get listed in our Suppliers Category by Province or All of South Africa.

What does advertising cost on FSA?

  • Full Page – R999.00 Once-Off
  • Pinned Post – R499.00 per month
  • Suppliers Ad – R199.00 Once-Off

Should you need more information about advertising with us you can contact us with the form below or email us on

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