Donate to Farming South Africa

Donate to Farming South Africa

Running a website of this magnitude is costly and take up a lot of man hours. More than 2000 to be precisely. We do not have any sponsors at this stage and all the work done on this website is voluntarily. A lot of effort, research and commitment is dedicated to to this website helping new and upcoming farmers to make a success of their business. Donate to Farming South Africa

Why donate?

With more funds, Farming South Africa can do more research, visit more farmers and get more accurate information that will help the farming community all over Africa. More useful tools will be available like the online feeding calculator, feeding recipes for all types of animals and DIY projects.

Nominal Expenses include the following:

  • Hosting and Domain Fees
  • Maintenance
  • Traveling
  • Updated Articles and Research

Hosting and Domains Fees

Like any other website, Farming South Africa has to pay hosting every month. The bigger the website the bigger the hosting and traffic plan to ensure that visitors get a smooth visit on the site.


Due to our impressive visitor rate, unfortunately we do get a lot of spam and bugs. We need to manually remove spam links, comments and reply’s.


Visiting Farmers and getting more information and videos all over SA.

Updated Articles and Research

Research takes up a lot of time and searching for truthful information can take days for a single article.

Farming South Africa will always be free for you to enjoy, learn, give advise and share.

Should you be able to Donate to Farming South Africa please follow this link

Donate to Farming South Africa
Donate to Farming South Africa

To become a sponsor for Farming South Africa you can send us an email and we will get back to you.

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