Homemade Chicken Feeder

How to make a Chicken Feeder

Farming can be very expensive especially when you start out as a beginner. In this article I will show you how I made my own chicken feeder and it works well. So I decided to share my idea on How to make a Chicken Feeder and truly hope that you will benefit from this video.

I did not plan this project and made it up as I went along. I got the idea when I saw an old drain pipe laying around. Then I started to look for old planks and was fortunate enough to get all the parts that I needed from a previous project.

You can off-course go out and buy the materials I used in this video to make a chicken feeder and it will still end up being cheaper, but if you are fortunate enough to recycle and use that material, why not?

Chicken feeders come in many different types, including no-waste, automatic, and trough feeders. Chicken feeders can be expensive, but you can save money by making your own chicken feeder. Make a simple feeder using buckets and PVC pipes, or create a trough feeder with different length pipes and an elbow pipe join

In this video I will guide you through on how I made my own chicken feeder. You do not have to follow it step by step, but the concept is good enough and you can feed a lot of chickens at the same time.

How to make a chicken feeder

This project got me motivated to make more DIY projects including a chicken waterer that works with gravity. You will find that video on this website.

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4 Replies to “How to make a Chicken Feeder”

  1. Great idea, will definitely implement it. Just curious about the chicken breeds that appear in the video. Are they broilers? If they are they seem to have their bodies covered nicely with feathers. If not, what breed are they? and are they mix purpose?

    1. They are broilers. We add barley to their feed to reduce cost and to get them to grow healthier. We have been using this method for two years and they are still tender and grow at the same paste as chickens without getting extra barley

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