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Let’s Farm with Chickens in 8 Steps

What you need to Consider to start a Chicken Farming Business. Many people like the idea to farm with chickens but has no idea where to start or what financial implications chicken farming have if not done correctly. Don’t worry, it is not as hard as many people think and can be a very profitable business – Let’s Farm with Chickens in 8 Steps

  • Flooring (Bedding)
  • Fresh Water
  • Feed
  • Monitor your Chickens
  • Market Research
  • Cash Flow and Financial Planning
  • After sale Service
  • Bio – Security

Bedding for Day Old Chicks

Chickens don’t ask much. You need to get the flooring right on day one. Clean the Chicken Coop once a week if you are farming with broilers, also known as meat chickens.

You can use wood shavings or sawdust that you can collect at your closest sawmill factory. Sawdust works well for broilers, they only need bedding for 6 to 8 weeks before you sell them. We do not recommend that you use sawdust for layers. You should use wood shavings to top up the bedding for the whole layer producing cycle. Watch the video below to see how we did our chicken bedding for the day-old chicks.

Chickens Need Fresh Water.

Chickens are very sensitive birds and freshwater must be available at all times. The larger your chicken coop the harder it gets to supply fresh water to the chickens.

Day-old chicks and older chickens go into shock once you move or transport them from one coop to another. Try not to move them, but if you should, ad some brown sugar to their water to calm them.

Water drinkers are expensive, so make your own

In this video below I demonstrate how we made our own automated chicken waterer with recycled materials. It was an easy and fun little project yet saved us a ton of money if we would of bought them at the Agricultural Shops.

Feeding the Chickens

There are two ways to feed the chickens. Option A – Feed them two to three times per day or Option B let them eat the whole day.

We try our best to make sure that our chickens can walk freely in their coop and our chickens can eat when they want. Chicken feeders can become very expensive and as your business grows into a large scale Chicken Operation feeding becomes harder and more time consuming.

We feed our chickens Starter for the first 14 days and then mix grower in the starter mix for two days. The remainder of their life they will have a grower mix with a finisher at the last week.

Chicken Feeders are pricey, so we decided to make our own

Watch this video below to see how we made Chicken Feeders with Recycled Material

Monitor your Chickens.

You need to keep an eye on your chickens at all times. Make sure when you produce your own day old chickens or when you buy them that they are vaccinated against all diseases like the pocks or New Castle.

When chickens are not healthy, they will show it fast. Remove sick chickens from the coop as soon as possible to avoid spreading of sickness and diseases like Flu and Merricks.

How do chickens compare from day 1 to week 6

We put together a video of day old chicks and older.

Market Research – Know how to sell your chickens

The most important step about farming with chickens is the ability to sell your chickens. You need to make sure you have are market ready to start selling your chickens before you consider a chicken farming business.

Selling live chickens to your local market and communities is hard work, risky and takes a lot of time. You need to consider your fuel and wages before you determine the sales price of the chickens. Another financial risk is that, when you are selling live chickens and you don’t sell out, you need to keep on feeding them and again you will lose money if you don’t plan correctly.

Finding an abattoir that is willing to slaughter your chickens for a good price is a challenge. Chicken abattoirs are not cheap and do take a huge chunk of your profit. Plan ahead and make sure that your production and nominal costs are in place before you start a chicken farming business.

Cash Flow and Financial Planning

Like any other business, chicken farming has hidden costs and need financial planning. When planning your chicken business it is vital to think about all the details to determine that your profit is 100% correct. Fuel, packaging and slow sales are mostly not calculated in a business plan and can demotivate a farmer if he does not understand why he/she is not making money.

Let's Farm with Chickens in 8 Steps

After sale Service

So many farmers ignore or don’t even care about aftersale service.

After sales can lead to more sales – Once you have made a sale to a client, follow up and see if they are happy with your products and find out where you can improve. Remind them when your service will be available again and offer them a better deal if they order in bulk. Make sure that they have your contact details and business name.

If a farmer is unable to confirm an order in advance, there is no guarantee that he/she will be able to get chicks from a hatchery or secure point of lay pullets when they are needed.

Bio – Security for Chicken Farmers

What does Bio – Security mean? Biosecurity, as originally conceptualized, was a set of preventive measures designed to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases in crops and livestock, quarantined pests, invasive alien species, and living modified organisms.

Having Bio-Security in place is a win win for both your business and customers. Containing diseases and the prevention of virus spread should be considered as important as your farming business. If not done correctly you can loose your flock in days and many won’t recover from disasters such as the New Castle Disease.

What steps should I take?

  • Keep unwanted visitors out of your coops
  • Spray vehicles down with Virukill before they enter your property
  • Have water traps or water buckets at the entrance of your coops so visitors and helpers can clean their boots before entering the coop
  • Clean and Spray coops with Virukill after every cycle and rest the coop for at least 2 to 4 days before placing new day-old chicks
  • Workers should sanitize before entering the coop
  • Workers with Flu should not work in the chicken coop

Question: Is Chicken Farming a Profitable Business?

Answer: If planned correctly, Chicken farming can be very profitable. Your profit margin should be around 52%

Question: Do I need a License or Permit to start farming with chickens?

Answer: By South African Law, no you do not need a permit. If you are selling slaughtered chickens from your farm, there is a protocol to follow.

Also see – How to make Your own Chicken Feed

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Let’s Farm with Chickens in 8 Steps

43 Replies to “Let’s Farm with Chickens in 8 Steps”

    1. Hi my wife and I are venturing into the chicken business egg production subsector please advice on market trends,,sustainability, technical aspects

    2. Hi thanks for the info and videos . I am interested and considering venturing into chicken farming. I want to sell meat and also eggs. Is it possible that I can do them both and what are ways to get possible funding as I am just a beginner. I do have a piece of land with borehole for water which i just bought. You may email me on or thanking you in advance for your kind assistance

  1. I’m an entrepreneur based in cape Town willing to venture in poultry farming, do you help with training for starters. I will be happy if you can help

  2. Goid Evening,
    The information in the website is informative especially to some us who want to enter into chicken farming business.
    I have started cooperative and is not functional due to funding. I want to find if there is no assistance in terms mentoring which you can assist us with.

    1. We supply all equipment needed for poultry farming – from incubators to hatch chicks, brooders to keep them warm, nesting boxes for free range egg production, laying cahes for commercial egg production as well as all drinking and feeding equipment.

      We specialize in supplying small to medium scale poultry farmers across the world.

  3. Hey i have a small chicken coop at home and im doing business very well but my 2 next doors r complaing because im making money now in this township im staying at. Most of the doctors and nurses buy them a lot because they say its the best then the ones they buy from the shops and malls.
    How do i overcome things like that because i don’t have money to buy land elsewhere or rent a place out of where im staying at.

    Thanks Farming SA
    Mr M Zulu

    1. Hay i own a small chicken coop but my chickens are having a sickness which is attacking them.They are swelling faces and affect their eyes.They finally died due to that infection.

  4. This is one of the most detailed and informative practical oriented lectures I have come across on platforms like this. Keep up the good work.

  5. Am also doing chicken farm business (broilers) but I want to divert to kuroilers for both meat and eggs…am kind of behind under management before kuroilers start laying eggs (4 months of age)….what are the best steps to follow?

    1. @Mervin I’m also doing meat chicken, recently developed interest in kuroiler chickens, where can I buy them in South Africa

  6. Hi, after reading of your advice I got intrested again in chicken farming. I used to rent in someone plot to grow chicken from day one but I lost big time due to marketing and sale. I then decided to buy my own land which I acquired it in 2014/2015. When I realized that I lost so much money I got discouraged but after reading your motivation I loved to start again as I have the experience but lack training and knowledge how to grow big as an emerge. I currently don’t gave funds but only have land. How can I get help here

    1. Hi Thivhulawi, Once again keep in mind that Winter is around the corner and that chickens need heat for the cold summer nights. Getting funds or an investor to grow your business always seems like a solution, but in the long run, chicken farming can become self-sustainable very quickly, but to share profits or pay back a loan will slow down your personal growth and you will regret it once your business starts taking off. What I suggest is to start small, even if you can only afford a 100 chickens per month, you can start selling in 6 weeks and re-invest in your business.

  7. Hi, im also interested in egg layers and broilers chicken. Where can i get a short coarse, because there is a lot i want to learn.

    1. Hi Lolo, we will assist you with questions regarding chicken farming, but unfortunately we do not offer a coarse.

  8. I’m willing to do poultry farming chucking that lays eggs .My number is 0837848066 in Middelbur Doorkop

  9. Hey guys am looking to do this but am in need of a farm or land to lease or buy. If anyone could be of assistance am looking at areas on the R72 between Port Elizabeth and East London upto the N6 to Stutterheim. Please email me,

  10. Thank you very much. You made my life easier since I want to start chicken meat business and eggs business

  11. Thank you very much for the article. I found it very practical and informative. I look forward to engage at a personal level and learn more.

  12. Good day
    I want to start my own poultry farm business,where can i get the information about poultry farming.
    What precautions i must follow in order to be successful and what are the requirements need to be followed
    when i want to start my business,actually i need a business plan.
    Thank you

    yours faithfully

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