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3 Most Asked Questions when Farming with Chickens

Chicken farming is practiced all over the world and we discuss the 3 most asked questions when farming with chickens.

What is your Profit margin when farming with chickens.

Each farmer has a different method of farming and that mean that the operating cost will never be the same and no two farmers will have the same profit margin.

Factors that will influence your profit margin:

  • At what weight does the farmer sell the chickens
  • Is the farmer renting the property to farm with chickens
  • Staff and Wages
  • Using a bore-well or municipality water
  • Making his own chicken feed or buying chicken feed
  • Death and Deceases
  • Transport Cost buying the day-old chicks and selling the end produce

Farming with Broilers , Your profit margin should be around 52%

What is the estimate Feed Cost to start farming with 100 chickens.

When farming with broilers (unlike layers) you have to plan your budget around a six week cycle. If you want to start farming with 100 chickens it would be advisable to start a 6 week cycle with 20 chickens per week rather than a 100 at a time. Should you decide to grow 100 chickens at once, you need to keep in mind that after 6 weeks you will have to sell all your chickens and start over again. You will not have an income for another six weeks.

How to make your own chicken feed in South Africa

Plan ahead per six week cycle as you will only start making money after six weeks. Thereafter you can decide to increase the numbers of day old chicks as you already know by this time what your weekly sales are.

That being said let’s take a look at the estimate cost to start farming with 100 chickens, provided that your coop setup and water drinking system is in place.

You are going to need:

1 Bag of Starter Feed – R420.00 ($22.05)
4 Bags of Grower Feed – R390.00 ($20.48)
1 Bag of Finnisher Feed – R370.00 ($19.43)

Total R2350.00 ($123.50)

The Chickens will be at an average weight of 2.7 kg after six weeks. If you want to sell smaller chickens you can stop feeding if their weight reaches 1.8 kg so after slaughter the net weight will be roughly 1.1 kg/1.2 kg

You can read about how to sell your chickens here

How Big should a coop be for 100 Chickens

Broiler Chickens do not require a lot of space and only require 17 cm squared to live on. That is 15 birds per square meter. This might sound cruel, but in reality they do walk around in the coop and when getting closer to slaughter they do not move much.

3 Most Asked Questions when Farming with Chickens

To calculate how big your coop should be per 100 broiler chickens you divide 100 by 15 so theoretically speaking you need a total area of 2.5 x 2.5 per 100 broiler chickens. (Our coops are 3 x 2.5 meters per 100 birds) You need to calculate the feeding and watering system in the area en ensure that the chickens have enough room to move.

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  1. Am a beginner in broiler Chicken farming and I would love to learn more.e.g. Hw causes mortality in chickens which are 3weeks old and over? Hw to keep chickens weighting above 2.5kg

    1. Pay careful attention to:

      1. Temperature – must be consistent, not large differences between min and max in any 24 hour period.

      2. Fresh air supply from day one to slaughter.

      3. Fresh water 2 to 3 times per day.

      4. As from 7 days old lights off as per program or 2 periods of 4 hours during the night.

      1. Thanks very much for your information. Where can I order one day old chicks, I’m in the rural area of Port Shepstone called Izingolweni.

          1. I live in Taung Northwest province I also wish to know where can I get the day old broilers nearby pls

    1. Hi Edmore, sorry no we don’t, feel free to ask information and if possible, myself or someone on this blog can help you.

  2. Good evening
    I am interested of starting chicken farming,I would like to find out where can I get day one Chick’s and how much do they cost and their feed.
    I live in Elandsfontein close to OR TAMBO airport.

  3. I am intending to start egg production business but I don’t have much information regarding that.

  4. I also want to start egg production business but I don’t have much information regarding that. Please kindly help with more information

  5. I need to start a poultry with 500 chickens in DR Congo and sale eggs. Where can I buy chick and how to start. I have a land and I can build a place for chickens.
    How easy can be the transport?

        1. Hi Egbert, when you subscribe you are automatically added to our mailing list. Thanks for joining our team.

  6. Thank you this was so informative, may you please advise what is the cheapest way to build chicken houses for a medium scale producing 1000 chicken a week, and what is the process of finding the market or abattoir.

  7. Hi
    I have started a small chicken farm. I have bought about 200 chicken it’s 5 weeks now but they are not ready for the market, my problem is that I’m scared about food costing can anyone please advise me on how to feed them daily so I can reduce the cost thanks

  8. Hi
    I live 10 km outside Stellenbosch on a Forest Station.
    I use to get 50 ( or less) day old chicks from a farm outside Stellenbosch.
    The farm Hatchery had been taken over by COUNTRY FAIR, and they dont want to sell less than a 1000 chicks to me, not even the B grade.
    What can I do, or where can I go to get such a small amount.
    In a time such as this is there any where that I can

  9. I want to start egg production business but I don’t have much information regarding that. Please kindly help with more information. Kindly add me to the mailing list.

  10. I want to start egg production business as well, I do not know where to start,

    please add me to the mailing list.

    1. Hi Slie,

      Thanks for joining the Farming South Africa Group. You will get updates of new post’s regarding the topic of interest.

  11. Hi I’d like to start a business as a broiler and egg ic I’m clueless any possibility if getting training or a mentor? Your assistance will be highly appreciated

    1. Patric bongane shongwe just read the books then u will be hirghly educated.there is many of poultry books that u can download and read them carefully.
      Or u can just leave me your email so that I can help with the book

  12. Good day.
    Your article came to my aid at the last moment.many thanks!!!
    I wish to ask how many food/water troughs do i need for 100 chickens and probably how much would it cost me.
    I aslo wish to ask the important supplements and medicines that i need for the same batch of 100 and how much they cost.

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