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Chicken Farming can be very rewarding if it’s done correctly. Chicken Farming South Africa – a complete Guide- We discuss Broilers and Layer Chickens, bedding for day old chicks, how and where to sell your chickens and how to maintain chicken coops.

Regardless if you are farming with backyard poultry or intensive chicken farming, here you will find loads of information, topics and advice about chicken farming. This blog is dedicated to all types of farmers with the hopes of training and educate beginner as well as novice farmers to increase profit margin and expand their businesses. Please subscribe to Farming South Africa to stay updated regarding chicken farming, livestock and agricultural farming articles.

Chicken Farming or Poultry Farming is a form of animal husbandry and therefore raising domesticated chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to produce meat eggs or food for millions of South Africans.
When raising chickens for egg production they are called layers and chickens raised for meat are known as broilers.

Chicken Farming South Africa - a complete Guide
980 Million Tons of Broilers are slaughtered every year in South Africa

As a result, Post expects chicken meat imports to increase by 5 percent to 545,000 tons. Under the assumption of normal weather conditions, chicken meat production should increase slightly in 2020 to reach 1.42 million tons. Posts projects an increase in corn area planted, which is expected to
put downward pressure on feed prices and thus increase profitability of broiler production. Hence, Post forecasts only a marginal increase in chicken meat imports in 2020 to 555,000 tons.

In 2018, the South African broiler industry recovered by increasing production 6 percent to a record of 983 million broilers slaughtered. However, South Africa still import almost 520,000 tons of chicken
meat to augment local production. In 2019, Post estimates a 1 percent decrease in chicken meat production to 1.40 million tons. Feed costs increased considerably on higher corn prices, due to unfavorable weather conditions, which have put downward pressure on the profitability of broiler producers.

How did Chicken Farming start in South Africa?

No, this is not the case of what was first – The chicken or the egg

Chickens are native from Southeast jungles of Asia and has spread over the rest of the world over an estimated period of 8000 years. Chickens are now the world’s most valued domesticated animals.

Records from China and Egypt show that eggs was only used for human consumption aroun 14 00 B.C.E.

The fist Chickens in South Africa

The introduction of village chickens across Africa is a subject of intense speculation and debate among farmers on the African Continent.

Domestic chickens are closely associated with humans, and they rely entirely upon humans for their dispersal and indirectly for their survival. The species are therefore important biological markers of agricultural, trade and cultural contacts between societies and civilizations. They are present across the African continent where free-range, scavenging village chickens are found in all agricultural zones, ranging from villages in the humid and sub humid tropical rain forests of West and Central Africa to the temperate highlands of East Africa and the arid and semi-arid regions of the Sahel and Kalahari deserts.

Chickens farming spread from the North side of Africa to Central Africa but was introduced to South Africa by Dutch and Portuguese sailors some 400 years ago. Chickens and other livestock were kept on vessels for food supply and settlers that stayed behind started breeding with chickens for egg and meat production.

Chicken meat imports could be impacted by the South African Poultry Association’s application for an exponential increase in the import duties applied on boneless chicken meat and bone-in chicken meat.
The South African government is still reviewing the application, and could announce a final determination soon. Increasing the duties by such large increments will have a severe impact on United States and Brazilian chicken meat exports to South Africa, and could ultimately divert trade to other trading partners.

Data captured from Global Agricultural Information Network

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Chicken Farming South Africa
Farming with Chickens South Africa

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What is the difference between Broilers and Layers

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