Chicken Feed too Expensive - Here is a Solution - How to solve chicken feed that is becoming so expensive- We have a solution

Chicken Feed too Expensive – Here is a Solution

Chicken Feed too Expensive – Here is a Solution – All chicken farmers know that chicken feed is extremely expensive in South Africa. There are many reasons behind this but fuel cost get the main blame. The reason why fuel cost effects chicken feeds is a nasty chain reaction. The farmers farming different types of grain that is needed to make chicken feed take an immense risk planting their produce every year. This include storms, fires, pesticide’s and theft. They need to include wages, machine operation and fuel cost in their budget.

If farmers have an successful season they need to get their grains to the closest silos. Farmers need to purchase trucks or hire trucks and at today’s pricing fuel cost around R18 per km for a truck.

Once the grains are at the silos the Agricultural networks in SA need to sell these products. This is where the prices for grains are determined and distrIbuted. Manufacturers of chicken feed need to buy their grains from such companies and arrange transport to get it to their manufacturing plant.

Once again operating machines, labour, packaging and fuel price will affect the total outcome of the chicken feed prices.

Retailers will then purchase the chicken feed from the manufacturers and have to transport it to their stores. Labour, storage and fuel will again have an effect on the outcome of the finale product that we as chicken farmers need to buy.

Chicken Feed too Expensive - Here is a Solution - How to solve chicken feed that is becoming so expensive- We have a solution

Is there an Alternative and what is the Solution?

The answer to this question is yes. There is a way to get rid of all the middle men above and start manufacturing your own chicken feed. We have a article on this website that you can read about how to make your own chicken feed. Click here if you want to read it now.

You will need to get hold of a hammermill. This is rather expensive but it is essential for you to break the grains in fine pieces. This step is to make sure that your day old chickens or layers get the right amount of nutrition and do not waste feed.

You can google or YouTube ideas to make a small mill or be creative and design one. If you are in a farming community you can arrange to borrow, hire or purchase a communal hammermill.

The next step is to go and see farmers that is planting grains and arrange with them to purchase some produce like, mielies [corn], barley, wheat and lupino. If you don’t have these type of farmers around you you can buy the grains you need to make your feed from the local agricultural stores. Farmers will gladly sell to the local public.

Make sure that you know what ingredients you need for layers, broilers and day old chicks. By doing this you will cut your feeding bill in half and can concentrate on growing your chicken farming business

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Chicken Feed too Expensive – Here is a Solution

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