Broiler Farming

What is the pros and cons of broiler farming

Broiler farming is the fastest way to make money then any other poultry farming. But how much profits are there in broiler farming? We take a look at the Pros and Cons of Broiler Farming.

Broilers does not use a lot of space so coops can be build according to how many broilers you want to farm with. As a general rule coops should be around 4 meters x 3 meters for 100 to 150 birds. If you have a lot of land you can consider investigating pastured poultry farming

What is the pros of broiler farming?

  • Broilers only takes six weeks to grow
  • They do not require a lot of space
  • Broiler farming is not labor intensive
  • It is a much needed product and easy to sell
  • You can grow more than one batch at a time
  • Broiler farming is highly profitable at around 52%
  • Broilers can be sold at any age and will still be profitable

Although farming with broilers is a profitable business it does not mean that it is an easy business. Managing your farm needs your full attention and you need to monitor your broilers on a daily business. The birds need clean bedding, fresh water and should be checked to see if they are healthy and disease free.

There are many types of meat birds to farm with but the Ross Broiler is the most popular to farm with. Growing from a one day old chick to 2.6 kg or 5.7 pounds in just six weeks broilers could be the fastest return on investment than any other animal species.

What is the pros and cons of broiler farming

Broilers can be sold at any age and will still be profitable

Broilers are always in demand. You can breed chickens for day old chicks, two weeks or sell them when they are fully grown. Many farmers buy two week old broilers to speed up their business as demand grows.

Because there is a high demand for chicken meat, market prices are always good and if you have done your market research before you started to farm you should have no problem selling your stock.

You can sell your products to supermarkets and restaurants, friend and family. If you have quality products you can negotiate pricing with meat retailers and grow your business even faster.

What is the Cons of broiler farming?

  • Broilers get easily infected with deceases
  • Day old chicks need a lot of heat
  • If you don’t sell your birds when they are market ready you will burn cash on extra feed

You need to check that when a hatchery supplies you with day old chicks that they are vaccinated against the pocks and New Castle.

Broiler chicks need a lot of heat and you need to have a backup system in place if there is an power outage. The alternative is to use a gas heating system that you can purchase from your local agriculture store.

The biggest challenge in broiler farming is to make sure that you sell your stock at the right weight to see the best profits. Should the broilers stay longer than anticipated you will need to feed them and that will decrease your profits.

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What is the pros and cons of broiler farming

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  1. I’m a farmer that just started and your page is very informative. It is a real guide to farming and your videos help cut costs. Thank you so much, great work.

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