what can i do with a small piece of land

What can I do with my small piece of Land

You have land but have no idea to do with it? Let’s answer the question that thousands of people ask everyday: What can I do with my small piece of Land – Here are 9 Ideas that works for you to do on your land.

  • Chicken Farming (Meat Chickens)
  • Farming Chickens for Eggs
  • Pig Farming
  • Market Stall
  • Vegetable Farming
  • Make Cement Blocks
  • Farm with Sheep
  • Start a Scrapyard
  • Storing Units

Farming with Meat Chickens

What can I do with my small piece of Land - start a chicken farming business

Broilers or meat chickens is one of the fastest ways to get an return on your investment. You can sell them alive or get them butchered at an credible abattoir. From day one, broilers only take six weeks to become slaughter ready. You don’t need a ton of money to get coops ready and it’s very rewarding, both financially and lifestyle wise. The pros is that you will always have meat to sell and to consume.

Farming Chickens for Eggs

What can I do with my small piece of Land

If you own a piece of land and have time then you might consider starting a layer production. Layers such as Lohmann Brown can start turning your investment around in just 6 to 8 months. Eggs is in high demand across the world and you can sell eggs to shops, restaurants or directly from your farm.

Farming with Pigs

How to Save on Pig Feed - Free Range Pig Farming - YouTube

Pig farming can be very profitable but do have a lot of cons. Coops are easy to setup but you need to get it right the first time. Pigs need daily care and maintenance. Selling pigs are easy. You can take your pigs to auctions, slaughter house or sell them directly to the public. Pigs can be sold as weaners, sausage or bacon meat. One sow can produce roughly 28 piglets per year so you can imagine how fast you can grow your piggery provided that you have food and water.

Start a Farm Stall or Market

ideas to do on my land

People love taking a weekend drive and there is no better place than taking a scenic farming route. Fresh produce and hand crafted items is highly in demand for weekenders that is escaping the busy city life. You can network with other farmers to sell their products on consignment and therefore you don’t need a big cash-flow

Vegetable Farming

Vegetable Farming South Africa on small land

Small scale vegetable farming can be very profitable. Restaurants always needs cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes. Before starting to plant, do some market research and even try to get suppliers that will support your business during the year. Indoor and outdoor vegetable growing are advisable if you are going to supply food markets or shops. See the seasonal planting chart on our website

Making Cement Blocks

Make your own Original Nightstand with Cement Blocks

If it is a garage, house or store people are always building. Building blocks is a hard business but financially very rewarding. If you consider to start a cement block business you will need space and lots of water. The start-up cost is not that expensive if you want to start small and only supply people around you.

Farming with Sheep

Farming with Sheep farming southa frica

Depending on how big your land is Sheep Farming can bring in extra incoming through wool and meat. Sheep needs monthly care and is not an intensive business. Selling sheep is very easy as there are many butchers looking to buy fresh meat. Sheep needs to be sheared every six to eight months and most agricultural business like BKB will offer the assist with the shearing and selling of the wool.

Start a Scrapyard or Trading Post

Start A scrap metal business on your farm

Yes! There is loads of money to be made by collecting and selling scrap. If you have enough space, let people sell their scrap to you. Old tractors, farming implements or basically anything that has scrap value. Once you have enough scrap metal you can call companies like SA Metal to come collect the scrap with their trucks

Farming Storing Units

Farming Storage Solutions

Storage Units are in demand Everywhere! Storage Units (once fully occupied) can provide a stable monthly income. You can also rent out space for boats, containers or even trucks on a monthly basis. Lot’s of city’s and towns are running out of space and cannot provide anymore storage units.

Can I slaughter and Sell Chickens?

By South African Law you are only allowed to slaughter 25 chickens every week, but it is only for consumption and you are not allowed to sell them.

Am I allowed to sell Chickens Directly from our Farm?

Yes, you are allowed to sell live chickens. As long as they are decease free. You don’t need to issue a transfer permit, but you have to make sure that there is enough ventilation on the buyers truck.

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7 Replies to “What can I do with my small piece of Land”

    1. Have you considered Bee Farming. It’s easy and cheap to start. But you must go on a Bee keeping course first. It can be dangerous if you don’t know the basics. Follow the below link for details, or contact Kristie to attend a course. It’s less than R700 per person and can change your world. There’s a high demand for honey, pollination and emerging Bee Farmers.


  1. I live in a farm where my husband is working, I’m using my backyard to plant vegetables and there are pigs too. So my question is what do I do to have my own peace of land? Is there anywhere I can get help.

    1. Depending on vegetable and pig sales and with your husbands salary you can put together a business plan on how you will achieve to make money with land. You can see your local bank manager and apply for a loan. It might be a challenge but if you believe in your goals you can achieve them.

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