bedding for day old chickes

What bedding should I use for Day Old Chicks?

What bedding should I use for Day Old Chicks? Sawdust is perfect for day old chicks as their only living in the coops for six weeks whereas layers live in coops for roughly 18 months. and therefore we would suggest wood shavings. Materials that can be used:

  • Sawdust
  • Wood Shavings
  • Straw-bales
What bedding should I use for Day Old Chicks?
What bedding should I use for Day Old Chicks?

Chickens need good bedding from day one. You can buy untreated Sawdust or untreated Wood Shavings from your nearest Sawmill, Sawdust is cheaper than wood shavings and last the whole cycle for meat chickens.

Your coop should be wind proof but should also have enough ventilation for the day old chicks. Day old chicks are not allergic to sawdust and do not get irritated by sawdust, but rather enjoy a dust bath in the soft bedding.

When you buy wood shavings make sure that its a soft type of off cut, pine shavings is highly recommended.

It is not uncommon for Chicken farmers to use soft straw bales like Barley that can be bought from local farmers. Although this is an acceptable way of making bedding for chickens it does not soak the poop away and becomes messy very quickly. You have to top up the bedding daily so it is not so efficient as sawdust or wood shavings.

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Chicken Bedding for Day Old Chickens

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  1. Thank you very very much I have gone through it ,I have learned how to raise chicks from one day old and also how to build and the bedding to them . o would like to be a serious poultry farmer please help me, God bless you

  2. Thanks i have learnt alot…but my question is what did u spray on the saw dust before putting the chicks ?

  3. I am in Zimbabwe and have found out that this online learning very helpful in farming as a business. I shall to continue to consult you for help.

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