The perfect guide to start Farming for success

The perfect guide to start Farming for success

Are you ready to farm but don’t know where to start? No matter where in the world you are we will help and guide you through all the steps that you need to get started in the farming business. We have put together The perfect guide to start Farming for success and help you decide where and what to farm.

We provide you with tools, skills and an overview of all farming related topics plus you get loads of free information to help you get started. Online feeding calculators, free eBooks, how to build chicken coops, waterers and tons of resources that you will need to start farming.

This guide is oriented for beginner farmers, people interested in homestead and backyard farmers.

Planning your Strategy when you want to start Farming

You need to decide what you want to farm with and what the niche is in your area. By knowing exactly what you want to farm with, you can vision your growth and exercise you plan. More importantly you need to enjoy what you do.

Let’s look at some farming ideas and possible pros and cons

  • Chicken Farming
  • Pig Farming
  • Sheep Farming
  • Vegetable Farming

Chicken Farming for a starter farmer

Chicken Farming falls under the category of Poultry farming. This being said there is many ways to farm with chickens. We will discuss the 4 main and most profitable ways to farm with chickens.

  • Farming for day old chicks
  • Farming with Broilers
  • Farming with layers
  • Farming Point of Lay Chickens

Steps to take when you are farming with day old chicks.

chicken farming South Africa - The perfect guide to start Farming for success

Day old chicks, regardless if they are broilers or layers are always in great demand. These small birds are easy to sell and very profitable. Almost all chicken farmers need them and is willing to travel to your farm to buy them.

There are two different ways to get eggs that you can hatch to sell day old chicks.

Buy them from an accredited egg farm or get your chickens to lay eggs that you can turn into day old chicks.

The easier method is to buy eggs. This method will put you in business within 21 days from the day you start your day old chick business. This also mean that you will have an greater expense as they are pricey, but you can still have massive profit margins if you plan correctly and have a market to sell them. Day old chicks do not require any food if you can sell them within 36 hours from the day they were born.

If you decide to get chickens that will lay your eggs you can still hatch them in 21 days. You do not have to wait for your hens to decide when they are ready. Eggs can be taken daily from your chickens and you can place them in an incubator to get them to hatch.

In the long run this is an much cheaper option but you need to consider that your hens need food daily and that incubators are expensive.

How to start farming with broilers

Broiler chickens is definitely the most popular way to start a chicken business. It is easy enough and you do not need a lot of staff. Getting someone to supply you with day old chicks has to be on your check list when you start planning your broiler business.

You can start selling broilers in 6 weeks and that means that you will have a quick return on money invested in this type of business.

What you need to know about Broiler Farming is an comprehensive guide that will explain every single aspect of broiler farming including quick growth, congestion and feeding restrictions.

We also have a guide that will teach you how to sell your chickens fast.

The pros and cons of broiler farming is an article that will teach you all the tings that you should know before you start farming with broilers. This guide includes:

  • Broilers only takes six weeks to grow
  • They do not require a lot of space
  • Broiler farming is not labor intensive
  • It is a much needed product and easy to sell
  • You can grow more than one batch at a time
  • Broiler farming is highly profitable at around 52%
  • Broilers can be sold at any age and will still be profitable

Know your product – What is a Ross Broiler? This paragraph will explain exactly what you are getting into when you are a first time chicken farmer. It is important to understand what type of broiler chicken you want to farm with, what the growth rate is and how much profit you can make with broilers.

When people decide to farm with chickens the question that always comes up is feed and feeding cost. This tutorial will show you exactly how you can make chicken feed for broilers and layers. We also included an budget recipe for backyard chickens.

What a beginner farmer should know about chicken illnesses

How to prevent Chicken Diseases is an composition to help beginner farmers understand what they should do if they come across diseases and treatments.

General information about Chicken Farming

How many Chickens do you need to start Farming? We will explain how to start your farming business – How many Chickens do you need to start Farming and make a profit? The response to this inquiry isn’t many. The more significant question you should ask yourself is the number of chickens do you need to earn enough to pay the bills and make a comfortable living.

On the off chance that you need to really benefit from your hens you truly need to comprehend a couple of things. The data in this post goes for anyplace on the planet. On the off chance that you are raising chickens to earn enough to pay the rent. At that point there are a couple of rules to follow and you can’t flop however to make a benefit.

If you decide to start a free range chicken farm then you should consider reading this article: Improve your Free Range Chicken Farming Skills

This brief tutorial will explain flock management, improved chicken rearing, eggs and improved housing for your free range chickens.

Every farmer should have a daily checklist that includes inspecting the animals, coops and research. By having a daily checklist you can optimize your business and plan ahead for daily expenses and sales. This is a great read for creating your own checklists. Everyday Checklist for a Chicken Farmer

How to Incubate and Hatch Chicken Eggs – How to Incubate and Hatch Chicken Eggs – A 4 step stage to help you incubate and hatch chicken eggs.

At the point when a hen lays a grip of eggs, faculties overwhelm. They consistently get worked up about them, transforming them just so for the term of the day and rarely leaving the home for more than a few minutes. Parenthood is a significant obligation with respect to an energetic hen – if she’s even a tiny smidgen imprudent, her babies will never hatch. Or of course more horrendous, they may deliver with distortions.

Chicken Farming South Africa - The perfect guide to start Farming for success
Chicken Farming

Everything you should know about Farming with Chickens – Turning Eggs Farmers deciding to farm with eggs should understand the egg farming business. There are a wide extent of conditions that must be met to appropriately brood chicken eggs and winged animal eggs in general. What nature does viably through drive we should impersonate through contraption.

This replication is routinely irregular and lacking, yet progression has ventured toward much more beneficially duplicating nature. A tremendous piece of the hatcheries made and sold fuse altered executing, yet in the event that you end up anguishing without this section, it is key that you really turn your eggs. What occurs on the off chance that you don’t turn the eggs in a hatchery

Farming with eggs you will have to plan ahead and know what your profit margins will be. How profitable is egg farming The information here is geared towards everyone from small farmers to homesteaders and backyard farmers

Guidelines for building a chicken coop We teach you the basic setup for a chicken coop including in this piece of advisory article you will find:

  • Coop design and location
  • Coop Size
  • Coop Material
  • Protecting your chickens from predators
  • Planning and building your coop

Finally for chicken farmers we have a list of questions with answers. You can read them on Chicken Questions and Answers for new Poultry Farmers

How to setup and start a Pig Farm

If you are looking to start a pig farm then we will assist you with loads of information. The biggest rule when it comes to farming with pigs is that you need to have a passion for it. Pig farming is a lucrative business but taking your eye of this type of farming business can set you back financially fast.

Before you start farming with pigs decide on what breed will suit your area and needs the best. Best Pig Breeds to Farm with will guide you through the top pigs with their advantages.

When you are a beginner pig farmer you will make mistakes. Mistakes are costly and you might even have to reset your business. To avoid mistakes we have put together an article that could save you a lot of money.

The perfect guide to start Farming for success
Food types that will help your pigs grow faster

Pig Farming – Learn from Mistakes As a rule pig farmers start small and grow their pig business too fast. The disadvantage is that many farmers do not plan properly for a big scale pig business and often don’t include marketing strategies and feeding cost, but build a piggery on hopes and dreams. The results are devastating and most farmers fail to succeed in the pig farming industry.

When you start a pig farming business plan ahead

What you need to know when starting a Pig Farm  When starting pig farming in South Africa you will need a plan. In fact, everything pig farming enterprise needs a plan, from the thousand-sow unit to the two-pig herd in the backyard of a starter farmer wanting to increase his income.

Guide to a pig farming plan is designed to give you an idea how to setup a business plan for you piggery. This is a long but important article that can help you to become a successful farmer.

Even as a starter farmer you should realize that pigs need housing.

Pig Farming – Housing and Farrowing Crates is an extensive guide on understanding the value of pigs housing and the importance of farrowing crates.

Pig Feed

Pigs eat a lot and you need to plan around this. Pigs cannot live on minerals fruit and vegetable scraps and need lots of protein in the form of barley, maize, wheat and oats. Buying these type of products is expensive but you can not compromise the protein diet.

How to save cost on Pig Feed is an excellent example on how you could cut cost if you are want to be in the free rang pig farming market.

We have put together an guide of Food types that will help your pigs grow faster These food types will keep your pigs healthy and increase their growth rate.

Why Free range pig farming and what is the advantages?

For a beginner that wants to farm with Free Range Pigs this is an essential paragraph that can really improve your pig farming skills. This paragraph also includes a video explanation on free range pig farming and what to expect if you decide to farm free range

On of the biggest challenges that you will find in your pig farming operation is how to weigh a live pig. How to Weigh a Pig without a scale by only using a rope is a technique used by many farmers for decades and this is an excellent guide if you are interested in the formula of weighing live pigs if you don’t have a large crate-scale

How to weigh a pig without a scale - The perfect guide to start Farming for success
How to weigh a pig without a scale

Finally How to Sell Pigs and make a Profit is a post full of strategies on how to sell your pigs fast and still make a decent profit.

How to start a vegetable farm and what you need to know

Farming and Agriculture

Vegetable farming is a enjoyable profitable farming process if all goes well. And that basically comes down to the right soil and access to plenty of water

Decide what vegetables you want to farm with and if your area or town has a market for your products.

It is advisable to check out the vegetable prices Daily Fruit and Veg Market Prices and see what the price is for the products you want to farm with. Tomatoes, Potatoes, Onions and cabbage has a high season peak at least once a year and you don’t want to sit with veggies that you can’s sell.

 Guide To Vegetable Farming

If you are not an experienced vegetable farmer, start with something easy.

Super Easy Vegetables you can plant is the perfect guide that can help you decide with what vegetables you can start. It will be much easier to start with tomatoes, chilis and spinach than it is with strawberries or mushrooms.

Vegetables you can plant right now is an indication of what vegetables you can plant. This post comes with a full planting chart for all provinces and is truly an excellent guide for the beginner farmer.

You will find topics on our website that can help you with :

  • Tomato Farming
  • Bean Farming
  • Soya Been Farming
  • Lettuce farming
  • Carrot farming and more

Farming Explained for the beginner farmer – Planting seeds, harvesting crops, growing edible plants and raising animals for the produce of milk,
meat and eggs is known as farming. Farming is an way of life that can be rewarding and heartbreaking for many beginner farmers.

Chicken Farming Explained for the beginner farmer – Chicken farming is the exercise or operation of raising chickens for the intention of meat and eggs. Chicken are mostly farmed in great numbers.

Pig Farming Explained for the beginner farmer – Raising domestic pigs for meat and pigskin. Pigs are not only raised for meat but many
pigskins are used for footballs and cracklings. A farmer that breeds with pigs is organically called a pig farmer and a farmers duties will be
to feed and take care of pigs until they are market ready.

Farming South Africa – The perfect guide to start Farming for success

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The perfect guide to start Farming for success

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