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Short Story: The Truth About Poultry Farming

A poultry farmer is somebody who raises trained feathered creatures, for example, geese, ducks, turkeys or chickens to cultivate meat or eggs available to be purchased and utilization. Short Story: The Truth About Poultry Farming

When you decide to farm with poultry (Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Turkeys) you need to understand that your life will never be the same again. Getting up with the sun, feeding and taking care of your poultry becomes a daily routine. You need to inspect your brood on a daily basis. Checking them for deceases,  stick-tight fleas and mareks.

You can have a brilliant season with no problems and the next season can be a disaster. Your flock could get infected with New Castle or predators like Genet and Mongooses.

Weather conditions can play a major roll in your poultry farming business and you need to have a strategy in place for all type of weather including extreme heat waves and sub zero conditions.

A poultry farmer commonly raises a solitary sort of poultry, with the greater part of the poultry cultivating industry raising chickens.

What does a Poultry Farmer do?

There are commonly four sorts of poultry that a farmer can raise:


The most well-known kind of poultry farm raises chickens. Chickens might be cultivated for their eggs or meat. Chicken farmers are responsible for ensuring their coops are consistently cleaned of all fecal issue to lessen the danger of spreading sickness among the chickens. They additionally ensure that the chickens have new feed and water in the first part of the day. farmers will go for a stroll through the chicken coops a couple of times each day for two reasons: they need the chickens to get familiar with individuals and it permits the farmer to check for any chickens that appear to be wiped out or harmed. They likewise guarantee that the ventilation and temperature of the coop is at an ideal level for the chickens.

A few chickens may spend their entire lives in a stockroom. Here, they are taken care of, watered, and afterward transported to the creation plant for butcher. On certain farms, chickens are named unfenced, which implies they are allowed to meander outside in an encased space like a field. The two environments have their points of interest and drawbacks.

In the previous few years, there has been an expansion sought after for morally cultivated poultry, which incorporates sufficient medical services and enough space to meander where the chickens can cooperate with one another, roost, and peck at objects they find fascinating. It’s significant that chickens can communicate their typical conduct. Numerous poultry shoppers at this point don’t have any desire to help huge business cultivates that pack the winged animals or abuse them.

Is chicken farming profitable
Profitable Chicken Farming


Business duck farms are activities like chicken homesteads. Duck meat creation is accordingly a full-time business requiring interest in both time and cash. While duck cultivating is tiny in contrast with chicken cultivating, it is growing quickly, with expanding worldwide interest. This makes duck cultivating an appealing choice for those thinking about it as a vocation. There are in excess of 40 types of homegrown ducks, however the Pekin duck is the most well-known assortment raised for eggs and meat (not to be mistaken for the Peking duck dish).

Ordinary obligations incorporate giving water and feed, observing feed utilization, cleaning the living zone and keeping up explicit sterile norms, checking temperature and stickiness, monitoring development rates and recording mortalities. Ducks are taken care of corn and soybeans braced with nutrients and minerals, and their feed contains no creature results. Practically all ducks are raised inside to shield them from hunters just as to gather their compost, which is utilized somewhere else specifically as manure.


Geese are brought up in basically all pieces of the United States, in spite of the fact that they complete just 0.2 percent of the poultry populace. On huge goose developing homesteads, the quantity of feathered creatures is from three to 4,000 fowls, and on the littlest farms around 500 winged animals are developed.

Geese are for the most part saved for meat creation, so the reproducing feathered creatures are chosen dependent on their fast development, early-development and substantial bodies. There are contrasts in types of geese, so their qualities ought to be assessed to best meet the maker’s necessities. In the event that feathered creatures are to be saved for rearing, at that point egg creation and conceptive effectiveness are significant things to take a gander at. On the off chance that the geese are raised uniquely for market, the market’s meat creation and body prerequisites are critical.

The expanding interest for youthful business geese has brought about the development of enormous homesteads where geese are filled in poultry houses under controlled conditions and with programmed taking care of and watering gear. Geese are very tough and not defenseless to huge numbers of the normal poultry infections so sedated feed isn’t commonly fundamental.


All business turkeys delivered today are the white wide breasted turkey breed. Most turkeys are brought up in a naturally controlled stable sort structure that gives security from awful climate and hunters.

A normal turkey farm produces six to 7,000 turkeys, three times each year. An incubating egg farm will raise the rearing turkeys to deliver eggs that are gathered, purified and dispatched to a turkey incubator. The incubator will at that point bring forth the eggs into youthful turkeys (or poults), which will at that point be transported to business turkey farms, where they are housed and raised into grown-up turkeys. When the turkeys arrive at an ideal market weight, they are shipped to the processor. This developing cycle for the most part runs until the turkeys develop to be 10-18 weeks old enough.

It is safe to say that you are fit to be a poultry farmer?

Poultry farmers have particular characters. They will in general be insightful people, which means they’re scholarly, contemplative, and curious. They are interested, systematic, sane, investigative, and consistent. Some of them are likewise venturesome, which means they’re audacious, eager, decisive, outgoing, vivacious, excited, certain, and idealistic.

What is the work environment of a Poultry Farmer like?

Numerous poultry farmers own their own homesteads, particularly the little scope farms with two or three hundred winged creatures. The greater offices that house a huge number of winged animals will have more farms available to raise them.

Poultry farmers work seven days every week, now and then the entire day to guarantee that their winged animals are dealt with. It’s significant that a farmer is perfect prior to venturing into the poultry house to forestall the spread of illnesses. A lot of their work happens outside or inside the poultry home.

Definition of ’poultry farmer’

Word Frequency     

poultry farmer in

(ˈpəʊltrɪ ˈfɑːmə) NOUN agriculturea person who rears domestic fowls, esp chickens, for their eggs or meat. Most poultry farmers have to rely on commercially manufactured feeds

What is a Poultry Farmer and what do they do

Farming South Africa – Short Story: The Truth About Poultry Farming

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