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Raising Chickens for Eggs – You don’t need a Farm

Now is the best time to get Chickens. Eggs are becoming very expensive and it’s rather easy to get your own from homesteading.
Feeding chickens is not that expensive if you are operating a small scale chicken farming business. Growing your own vegetables and fruit, chickens for meat and eggs is a healthy way of lifestyle – Raising Chickens for Eggs

You don’t need a farm to raise chickens for eggs

Many people think that their property is to small to farm with with either meat chickens or layers. If you consume two eggs per day you can build a small chicken coop in your backyard and four chickens can provide up to 18 eggs per week. For a lager family a coop of 3 meters by 3 meters can easily stack 10 to 12 chickens. That is an average of 8 eggs per day or 56 eggs per week. Make sure your coops has a section where chickens can comfortably sit when it rain and also make sure that the wire mesh you use is strong enough to keep out rats and wild cats.

Feed your chickens right so that your hens are stress free and produce more eggs. You can feed them grains like barley, oats, corn and they also enjoy scrubbing between grass and plants. If you are living in a farming community you can go to your local Agriculture store and buy grains in bulk. This way you save a lot of money in feed.

Make sure that your chickens have fresh running water and enough space to move around. If you are looking to expand your chicken business you should have a 1 cock to 20 hens ratio. The Ross Broiler is a fast growing meat chicken whereas the Lohmann brown is the perfect layer for South African weather conditions.

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Raising Chickens for Eggs

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19 Replies to “Raising Chickens for Eggs – You don’t need a Farm”

  1. This is a good thing to lean now for me am very much interested in chicken farming I need your help am a Zambian and I have K5000 to start my project plz help how can I go about layers I want to be having maximum of 60 eggs per day please advice through my email.

  2. Good da,
    I trust this finds you well and I hope you doing well,
    Is it possible to farm free range chicken as a layer for my family consumption only or even if is for business?

    1. You can definitely farm layers as a business. If you are still small scale it is easy to sell your eggs to local restaurants that use only free range eggs. They are always willing to negotiate. If you don’t mind selling your eggs as non free range, you can supply to shops, boarding schools and chain restaurants as they are allowed to purchase fresh produce outside franchise rules.

  3. I would like to buy eggs directly from farmers. Whilst I am working on fencing my property and getting ready for getting my layers. Please assist. I live in Durban KZN

  4. Thanks once again. I have a problem with my chickens they are not doing well in terms of laying eggs. I have 36 layers but now i only get less than ten eggs per day and they are almost 8months please help.

  5. Reading this article keep my heart smiling from edge to edge of my little strong heart. Am so interested in growing chickens for both meat & eggs. I will stay tuned in this group for more information about how to grow chickens.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, a lot of hard work is going into this website. New posts about farming on its way soon

    1. We are busy updating our suppliers on the website on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for suppliers in Rustenburg area.

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