Pasture Poultry Farming

Pastured Poultry vs Free Range Chicken Farming

Is Pastured Poultry different to Free Range Chicken farming? The Technique of raising pastured meat and layer chickens has been used for decades and is a very effective healthy way to chicken farming – Pastured Poultry vs Free Range Chicken Farming

Due to humane treatment and good health benefits of pastured chickens demand for these products is on the increase and should benefit your business in the long run.

Two ways of free range chicken farming. True free range and intensive free range farming.

Intensive free range is caged chickens that can walk around in the coop, but never see daylight outside the coops.
However this is still categorized as free range farming as chickens are free to walk in the coops, it does not really compare to true free range farming. If chickens can lay eggs, walk where they want and eat pasture, insects and have access to fresh water that will be considered true free range farming.

Pastured poultry, is similar to a free-range system, and rather than raising birds in a fixed space, it provides access to fresh pasture, sunlight and better health.

Pastured Poultry vs Free Range Chicken Farming
Pastured Poultry Farming

Pasture poultry is still an intensive farming method of raising a large number of chickens however it is found to be better than intensive free range farming. By using this system chickens are housed in mobile coops with roofs and side walls but no floors.
By moving the coops daily the grass stays fresh and in better condition and in turn you can keep more birds in a small space. The grass also acts as a bedding for the chickens as it is softer than ground.

Farmer Brad explains how he operates his Pastured Poultry

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Pastured Poultry vs Free Range Chicken Farming

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