50 years of Homesteading

Maw and Paw – 50 years Homesteading

Amazing and truly inspiring story of Maw and Paw. They share their story of 50 years homesteading. They have been married for more than 51 years and homesteading became part of their life. Maw and Paw tells their story – 50 years Homesteading

Maw and Paw - 50 years Homesteading

Harvesting your own products is what they believe in and why should we trust big corporate shops? Countries are operated by computers and systems. Could you survive if the country shut down? These two people is amazing and we should all be encouraged to start farming even in small proportions so that we can harvest our own fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat.

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Maw and Paw – 50 years Homesteading

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