Where to buy day old chicks

List of Day Old Chicks Suppliers in South Africa

To start a broiler or layer chicken farm you would most likely need to start with day old chicks. We take a look at Where can you buy Day Old Chicks in SA and how to introduce them to their new chicken coops. List of Day Old Chicks Suppliers in South Africa

Make sure that your coop is clean and disinfected at least 4 days before the new chicks arrive. Bedding should be in place at and have a minimum layer of 150 mm.

When your new chicks arrive you can introduce them to water and feed by dipping their heads gently in the water of feed.

You can buy day old chicks by your local hatchery. Make sure that the chicks are vaccinated against the pocks and New Castle. Most hatcheries sells only day old chicks in high volumes, but you can negotiate with them if you need small amounts like a 100.

Where can you buy Day Old Chicks in SA - List of Day Old Chicks Suppliers in South Africa

Here are a list of hatcheries that supply day old chicks.

  • Mega Farm Poultry Mossel Bay – 071 799 4076
  • Macimeza Poultry Farm Mossel Bay – 021 829 7020
  • Clearsprings Hatchery Paarl – 021 869 8303
  • Free Range Chickens Tokai – 067 127 5996
  • Alfa Chicks Pretoria – 012 561 1205
  • Quantum Foods Wellington – 021 864 8600
  • Supreme Poultry – Bloemfontein – 051 442 2790
  • Peezel Farm Hatchery Gauteng – 068 042 1564
  • Melo Chicks Gauteng – 087 012 5556
  • Munchicken Birds Eastern Cape – 0836726206
  • Grootvlei Hatchery Free State – 083 240 8842
  • Hens Paradise Bloemfontein – 079 388 5865

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List of Day Old Chicks Suppliers in South Africa

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