Lettuce is easy to grow and very profitable

Lettuce is easy to grow and very profitable

Think about it, every restaurant and take-away or drive through chain stores need thousands of lettuce per year. Supermarkets and smaller shops sell lettuce on a daily basis and what’s more, they need it fresh. Lettuce is easy to grow and very profitable.

The use of lettuce in South Africa is around 40 000 tons per year. Considering that lettuce weigh around 0.350 kg that is a lot that is used daily in our homes and restaurants.

Lettuce is mainly used for garnishing and salads and as a topping on the worlds most popular take-away food Hamburgers.

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is a yearly plant of the daisy family, Asteraceae. It is regularly developed as a leaf vegetable, however at times for its stem and seeds. Lettuce is frequently utilized for plates of mixed greens, despite the fact that it is likewise observed in different sorts of food, for example, soups, sandwiches and wraps; it can likewise be fried.

Why is Lettuce a Profitable business?

  • Seeds and Seedlings are cheap
  • You can plant anywhere in SA
  • You can start harvesting in 40 days
  • Easy to sell at high profit margins
  • You can plant and harvest lettuce multiple times per year
  • Lettuce can grow indoors allowing you to farm all year

Where can you sell your lettuce

If you decide to farm with lettuce on a bigger scale your first choice would be to sell it to the local Fruit and Vegetable market that distribute your products. There is a risk that when the markets are saturated especially in high seasons you would get a low market price. Considering that, a small scale farmer might even make more money than a large scale lettuce farmer if he or she supply local supermarkets and restaurants.

When can you plant lettuce

Lettuce is one of our No. 1 garden vegetables since it is far prevalent—in both taste and nutrient A substance. Lettuce like cool weather and plenty of sun but it should not be to hot. You can plant lettuce in partly shaded areas and will still yield a good result.

Sow the lettuce seeds in early spring or in autumn when the temperatures have started to cool after the heat of summer.

Lettuce is cool-season crop that grows well in the spring and fall in most regions. Lettuce seedlings will even tolerate a light frost.

Lettuce Growing Guide


Most soil types however best if it’s dampness retentive with some dove in fertilizer.


In summer, semi-conceal, a cool radiant spot or between planted between different harvests. In winter, full sun

Mates (Companion Plants)

Sweetcorn, Cucumber, Carrot, Rocket, Radish, Onion, Onions, Spring Onion and Poached Egg Plant. Jane suggests Carrot, Radish, Strawberry.


Single Plants: 25cm (9″) every way (least)

Columns: 20cm (7″) with 30cm (11″) line hole (least)

Sow and Plant

Begin planting in late-winter and proceed with like clockwork for a nonstop flexibly.

Our Garden Planner can create a customized schedule of when to plant, plant and gather for your region.

Profitable Farming Lettuce


Early sowings are effectively assaulted by slugs and snails, so might be best in compartments. Slight out to give a lot of space for each plant to develop. In sweltering summer conditions lettuce can jolt (produce bloom heads) and gets intense and somewhat unpleasant.

Collecting or harvesting

At the point when the core of the lettuce feels firm draw the entire plant up and remove the roots. Reap in the first part of the day when the leaves are cool and brimming with dampness.

Profitable Farming in South Africa – Lettuce


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