Where to Sell Pigs in South Africa

How to Sell Pigs and make a Profit

Farming South Africa – You have raised your pigs but have no idea where to sell them. As a farmer, farming in South Africa is hard and selling your products for the right price can have some challenges, but by using one of these methods you will sell your pigs fast. Where and how to Sell your Pigs in South Africa and make the best Profit.

  • Abattoir
  • Local Townships
  • Butcheries
  • Directly from your Farm.

Selling Pigs to the local Abattoir

You can sell your Pigs to your local abattoir but keep in mind that the prices of pork changes on a daily basis and you will never know beforehand what the Market price will be. Abattoirs is a guaranteed sale, provided that your pigs are healthy but your profit margins are almost certain to be at risk as they offer around R20 per kilogram after slaughter.

How to Sell Pigs and make a Profit

Selling pigs in Local Townships

Finding a market at your local Township is one of my favorite marketing strategies. People in South Africa love pork and delivering Live Pigs in Townships is a win-win for the farmer and the consumer. You sell the pigs alive, so there is no slaughtering or meat cutting involved. Negotiating prices will ensure that you make the best profit margin

Selling Carcasses to Butcheries

Selling to your local Butchery can be profitable and you can negotiate a price before you sell your meat to them. You will have to slaughter your pigs at your local abattoir that was inspected by a Health and Safety Officer. They will grade your meat and you can price it accordingly.

Butcheries take the whole carcass which mean that there is no cutting and portioning involved. Profit margins are reasonable as you can negotiate with butcheries.

Sell Pigs Directly from your Farm.

Once you become an established pig farmer people will become aware of you. This being said you can start selling weaners, pregnant sows, boars and pigs ready for slaughter. You can set your price with enough profit and manage your sales by dates. Buyers will learn fast that you are only selling pigs on certain days of the week.

There is no transport or slaughter cost so your profit will be a little higher.

 Selling Pigs Directly from your Farm - Where to Sell Pigs in South Africa

Transporting Pigs

To transport Pigs in South Africa you will need to issue a Transport Permit. You can find more info on Transport Permits on this website.

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Farming South Africa – Where to Sell Pigs

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    1. I am based in Maseru Lesotho and I intend to start a small pig farm…I would like to have some tips on the appropriate housing

  1. i have started pig farming in Limpopo and Vhembe District any idea of the abattoirs in the area for selling, please assist through whatsapp or sms or even calling 079 1791 002

  2. Hi there
    I am selling beautiful Landrace cross Large White pigs.
    They are 12 to 18 months old, free range, grain fed and hormone free.
    Inoculated, dewormed and teeth clipped
    I have 18 sows available some are confirmed pregnant and 2 boars. complete package available or individuals may be selected.
    Vet check done once a week.
    If anyone is interested please contact me on 087 898 8253 or whatsapp on 082 768 9008

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