Farming with Garlic in SA

How to Farm with Garlic in South Africa

South African garlic growers face unique challenges, especially with the harder to grow heirloom varieties. How to Farm with Garlic in South Africa.

Sean from Livingseeds Farm explains what garlic you need to plant and what grows best in your region. Garlic can be replanted making it a very profitable business. Understanding when to plant garlic, how deep to plant garlic and what fertilizer to use for your garlic is key to success for your business.

How to Farm with Garlic in South Africa

Tips to esure that you are growin great garlic.

  • Plant garlic three times deeper than what the clover is long
  • Spacing should be 15 x 15 cm
  • Fertilize your garlic correctly
  • Put down a thick Mulch
  • Re fertilizing in Spring
  • Work with soil temperature and keep it cool
  • How much daylight should garlic have?
  • When and How to Harvest Garlic

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Did you know: Most garlic consumed in South Africa is imported. Garlic can be a thriving business as demand is high all over the country. Garlic can be sold from your farm, to restaurants and to supermarkets.

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