How to buy Pig Weaners to start FarmingHow to buy Pig Weaners to start Farming

How to buy Pig Weaners to start Farming

Pig farming is an essential business in South as sheep and beef meat are at a point where it is almost unaffordable for most South Africans. Chickens and pig farming is not only trending and more farmers is diverting their strategy to the latter. This article will include tips on how to start faster with a pig farming and to make a profit in the long term. How to buy Pig Weaners to start Farming

Get the Weaners at the right price

It is important to get your weaners at a good price and many farmers sell weaners for a living as they don’t have the structure or time to grow the pigs for profit. This mean that it is not hard to get weaners on a regular basis. Weaners should be bought for R400 or less to make sure that you are in a profit margin at the end of your growing season. We will explain a strategy on how to save on feed cost later in this article. You can find weaner pigs on Gumtree, Facebook and other classified ads. Most farmers selling pig weaners will advertise on these platforms and even if they are sold out it is worth to keep their number as they will continue to farm wit pigs and therefore sell more weaner pigs in the future.

The pros of buying weaner pigs

There is many pros and also some cons when you buy weaner pigs. The biggest advantage is when you buy some weaners is that you reduce your growing cost and medical costs dramatically. When you buy weaners look for an respectable farmer that gives you top quality products. The piglets must have been dosed with iron and dewormer

When you buy weaners that is around 2 months old you only have to grow them to become market ready for another 6 to 7 months depending on the feed that you give them.

Buying piglets that is healthy and dosed properly also mean that you have no risk of losing weaners when they are born or getting ill in the beginning of the season.

You also don’t have the risk of the mother lying on top of them and injure or even kill the piglets.

Healthy weaners are less likely to get ill or infected with skurf miete which make their skin hairy and also increase the chances of getting worms.

What to look for when you buy weaner pigs

If your pig den’s are all setup and there is some protection for them against cold and wind you are ready to buy some pig weaners. Make sure that your fences or walls are pig proof as it is a pigs life mission to break out and roam freely.

When buying a piglet you must look at the following

Their tails must be curly and their ears must be pointy. This is the first indication that the pigs are healthy.

If there is signs of tears or snotty drips from their eyes and nose then avoid buying them if you don’t have experience to treat and cure these symptoms. These symptoms is the start of an piglet becoming ill.

The farmer must guarantee you that the pigs has been dosed against worms and has had a iron injection. You can even ask the farmer to do it infront of you as it is a quick procedure. Make an appointment before you buy and arrange a dosing session.

If the pigs are hairy or their hips are triangular do not buy the pigs even if you get them at a bargain. Sick pigs takes months to recover and you will not make a profit on them. They will eat expensive food and chow away your profits.

A good example between a healthy weaner and a sick weaner

When you buy a pig from a farmer and need to transfer them with a truck or bakkie make sure to download our transport permit on our website. The permit is free but you need it when you transfer any livestock.

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How to buy Pig Weaners to start Farming

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