Chicken Feeding Calculator South Africa

Feeding Calculator for Layer and Broiler Chickens

When starting to farm with chickens it is always hard to figure out what your cost will be around feeding your birds. Farming South Africa has created an easy calculator that will help you calculate your cost in seconds. Feel free to test our Feeding Calculator for Layer and Broiler Chickens

Calculating Feeding Cost for Broilers

Calculating Feeding Cost for Broilers

Feeding Calculator for Layer and Broiler Chickens

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The goal of this chicken feed calculator is to simply help you get an quick estimate on how much chicken feed you will need for your broilers or layers. Although these numbers are quite accurate, we do not take responsibility for mixing or feeding and you should consult if you are not sure.

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21 Replies to “Feeding Calculator for Layer and Broiler Chickens”

  1. Morning please is it.possble to have plans as sample for layers or broilers and an abattoir. I am in Botswana

  2. I would like to start Quail farming in Bethlehem Free State. Where can I buy them near my town?

  3. Information very useful, as I am restarting my chicken farming/business activities. Thanks.

  4. Thank you very for the information. I’m about to start poultry business and the information I’m getting here is very educational for me. Thank you so much

  5. I need business plan of broiler, layers and calculate the feed cost. I also need the video that shows how to prepare chicken house and how to vaccinate the many chicken desease we have and identify them, which are the most dangerous desease of poultry are present in SA and also medication.i need to know how to get customers.and how to mixe my own feeds. Even (PDF) is fine if you don’t have videos. I’m Ephraim Molaeng frm Lenasia in Gauteng province thanks

  6. Please help break the feeding time (6) weeks.
    How many days should i feed starter crumbs.
    How many days Grower Pellets.
    How many days Finisher Pellets.
    Most importantly is for Starter and Grower Pellets.
    Thank you very much.

  7. Please help…How much does it cost to build a chicken broiler house for 1000 chickens.Thank you very much

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