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Farming with Quail or Chickens which is better?

More South Africans is Farming with Quail and there are many reasons why they do so. Farming with Quail or Chickens, which is better? Quail farming might be better than Chicken farming and here is why.

Farming with Quail or Chickens, witch is better?

Chickens are not so efficient than quail in almost every way.
Chickens may lay an egg a day, a hen needs to eat a lot of food and that is expensive.
Note that quail need a lot less food per egg than chickens and this is after they are both producing.
The quail has already laid over 100 eggs by the time the chicken gets going and is ready for egg production.

Watch this video to see suit you better, chicken or quail farming.

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Farming with Quail or Chickens which is better?

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