Farming with pigs South Africa

Farming with Pigs – Build Your Own Pigpen

Building pig houses in South Africa are expensive so when you decide to build one, do it right. Make sure your flooring is done correctly and that the water runs to the drainage systems. Pigs don’t get lonely, but they do prefer to have a friend. Farming with Pigs South Africa – Build Your Own Pigpen (Pig House)

Water Nipples is available at most Agri stores in South Africa, so use it as it limits wastage and your pig house would stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Make sure that the feeder is high enough so that the sows and piglets can enjoy a good meal.

Farming with Pigs South Africa - Build Your Own Pigpen (Pig House)

Yous should make sure that there is enough ventilation as pigs get hot very quickly. Having a waterhole or a pond close by will help with happiness and get them more playful in breeding time.

This video show an good example of how it should be done.

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Farming with Pigs – Build Your Own Pigpen in South Africa

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  1. I really need to build my piggery soon, I’m just waiting for this pandemic to end, I don’t even have a drafted plan

  2. Please how can I prevent my pig farm from oozing offensive odour besides frequent cleaning of the pig pen

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