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Building Communities for Sustainable Development

The Covid-19 outbreak in SA is having widespread effects on rural economies and communities. Its impact is harshest in communities like Manoko that were already suffering from long-term problems of unemployment of community members who have been laid from commercial farms and mines due to the transition to high–tech economy. As a result, many are left to seek employment in the informal sector which has been impacted by Covid-19 and the government-led measures to contain it.

The Manoko community area is characteristic by poor infrastructure, inadequate services and a severe environment, for example, land degradation and the loss of biodiversity which affect them as they depend directly on natural resources for firewood, food and building material. Caring for natural resources so that they can be used indefinitely (sustainably) is an important way of increasing the community’s livelihood options. Conserving nature and places of natural and cultural significance create jobs through farming, crafts and tourism for generations to come.

It is against this background that the Manoko community is appealing for professional help for the development and operation of conservation-based activities on their 543.34ha (Portion 1 of the farm Derry No 452-MS) land. The property is situated adjacent to the Limpopo provincial Blouberg Nature Reserve about 20km northwest of Vivo and 120km northwest of Polokwane. As nature based tourism is the fastest-growing industry in the world, the community sourced a wildlife donation from SANPARKS for their land to generate tourism, employment, investment and income. The investment and professional help required is to facilitate the implementation of the wildlife donation i.e erection of game fence and restoration of boreholes, selection of wildlife species and numbers vs carrying capacity of the land and vegetation.

Building Communities for Sustainable Development

The commercial partnership to be entered into will amongst others make provision for:

  • The rights to develop and operate commercial opportunities on the land, including the sale of game in excess of the scientifically determined carrying capacity of the land.
  • The partner to provide the community with capacity and professional support (mentoring) for the improvement of economic development and income generating opportunities.
  • The commercial and social partnership will be based on a long term agreement to be negotiated.


Building Communities for Sustainable Development -  MASHIKOANE MOGODI

for: Manoko Communal Property Association

(Registration No 2009/003556/24)

Building Communities for Sustainable Development

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