Fun facts about Chickens

Chicken Farming can be Fun as a Business

If you are a small scale Chicken Farming, you need to understand that Chicken Farming can be Fun as a Business. Grow your income day by day and do not try to achieve the impossible in the shortest period of time.

Egg Production

The most direct benefit of keeping chickens is of course the eggs produced, with each chicken laying an egg a day (normal for a good laying hen, although also dependent on climate), making it easy to match your flock to your household needs

Chicken Farming can be Fun as a Business
Backyard Chickens can provide eggs for a family

Also if you produce more eggs than you need then you can sell the balance to make a little extra cash. The most common ways are either directly to friends, from a sign at your house, or if you talk to your local supermarket or even an egg supplier, you may be able to sell eggs to them.

Raising Chickens for Meat

Raising chickens for meat is usually a fun effort and not that specialized. Starting with new day old chicks is much better than farming with old chickens that you bought from someone and you can feed your family for much cheaper than buying Supermarket Chickens.

Breeding your own Chickens

Breeding and raising chickens is usually in conjunction with meat production, but you can breed chickens to sell to other people which can be quite profitable. Layers and Broilers is not hard to breed and can be a nice little side business for you to start if you do not have a lot of real estate.

Once again you will need a rooster, with are often not allowed in urban areas due to the noise and wherever you live, you will have to get used to it yourself. (So speak to your neighbours before considering breeding with chickens)

Chicken Farming can be Fun as a Business

Chickens can Control Pests in your area

Horrible little bugs to us are a tasty snack to chickens; if your backyard is overrun with bugs keeping chickens will deal with that in short order.

Chicken Farming can be Fun as a Business
Chickens love eating Bugs

Weed Control

Yes, Chickens love greenery, and weeds are lovely snacks, but just be careful where you let them roam, edible plants and flowers taste just as good!

300 Chickens can destroy a backyard in just one week. So do careful planing around this if you want your chickens to walk freely in your garden.

Having Chickens is Fun!

For animal lovers, or just to liven the place up a bit, keeping chickens is fun. The various breeds all have different behavioral characteristics and are all interesting in appearance and manner, there are even a few breeds that lay colored eggs!

We personally enjoy keeping chickens, they make being at home more interesting, I think all animals end up adopting some humorous habits, from our old cat that used to sleep on the chickens eggs, to chickens that enjoy playing hide and seek with their eggs (make sure they have a nest or they start doing that).

Chicken Farming can be Fun as a Business
Kids love playing with Chickens

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