What is the biggest chicken in the world

Biggest Chickens in South Africa

We always enjoy farming with chickens. So I thought why not attempt to break the world record. Although this is an old video, we still try to grow big chickens and have some of the biggest chickens in South Africa.

We farm with Ross Broilers that can grow from one day old to 3kg in just 6 weeks. They are the most popular meat chickens in South Africa. If farming correctly and you have a market to sell your chickens, Ross Broiler has an excellent profit margin.

We are going to attempt to get 4 of your chickens to grow as close as possible to the World Record of almost 11kg (22 Pounds) These chickens are the Ross Broilers and are the most popular meat chickens in South Africa. These chickens weight in at 6.8kg still a way to go for the world record. The biggest chickens are the Brahma chicken, one of the largest chicken breeds on Earth.

Enjoy this video and feel free to comment or email me your big chickens on admin@farmingsouthafrica.co.za

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3 Replies to “Biggest Chickens in South Africa”

  1. Hi everyone.I have just started a free range chicken farming at home mainly for self consumption.
    Can i use a rooster which is of a large breed in structure to improve a small structured flock?


  2. Good Morning. Regarding Ross 308. I have just started rearing broilers. The first batch were Cobb and grew at a phenomenal rate and brilliant success. My second batch I thought fit to go for Ross 308 and they just didnt seem to grow in terms of weight or size. Nothing has changed, feed was the same, conditions were slightly warmer during Ross batch. Cage was clean and all meds were given at the correct time.
    I have read that Cobb do grow larger, is this the idea?
    Is there a marked difference between these two. If someone could please assist I would be ever grateful.

    With Kind Regards

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