Free farming apps that work

Best Free Farming Apps that will help your Business

Apps are not only for fun and games. Smartphone and Tablets apps have become a handy tool in agriculture sector. Here are theBest Free Farming Apps that will help your Business

Poultry Assistant

Our application is designed to facilitate the collection of information and keeping statistics of your poultry farm. After all, literate analysis and keeping the history of your bird’s development are the guarantee of a healthy and reproductive livestock of the poultry farm. In the section “incubator” you can easily track the incubation of eggs, the date of the bookmark, temperature and humidity.

Chickens, Ducks, Quails, Turkeys, Geese, guinea fowl are the most common birds with which a poultry farm works. To conduct a history and carry out analysis for each bird is now very simple.

With our application, you definitely will not forget about the number of eggs laid down, about timely feeding, cleaning, treatment and other aspects of breeding poultry. Visual diagrams will allow you to analyze the results of introducing new feeds and their quantity, changing diet regimes, temperature regimes, and analyzing the number of birds by sex.

Incubation of eggs is no longer a problem either. You only need to choose the bird species (Chickens, Geese and others), and the program itself will remind you about the need to change the temperature in the incubator or humidity.

Growing in a brooder is also not a problem. Choose the type of bird, watch the temperature and lighting in the brooder. Or set your own settings for the brooder.

The program includes the ability to display statistics on your poultry farm at various scales from a day to a year, which will allow you to correctly assess the results of your work and predict the further development of your poultry population

Farm Calculators

Agriculture production is not cope off with world population increase. This emphasizes maximization of production per unit area through multiple cropping, appropriate technologies and precision farming which ensures world food/nutrition security.
For Precision farming use of exact quantity of Seeds, Fertilizers and Fertilizers is very important to enhance yield with minimal use of these inputs without effecting soil health.
Hence we are dedicating this farm calculator to farming community to save costs by calculating exact quantity requirement of Fertilizers, Pesticides and Seeds required for Farm for sustainability in farming.

Soil Sampler

The most popular tool for effective precision agriculture and getting soil samples in your fields.

Best Free Farming Apps that will help your Business

How to use soil sampler:

1. Draw your field on the map or go around it using GPS measurement tool

2. Set the sample grid size for each field

3. Start “accurate navigation” in your sample pick-up position

4. Write lot number on the soil bag

5. Move to the next POI position on the field

It is the most advanced and effective way of taking soil samples in the shortest possible time.

The very first steps to precision agriculture are the right soil sample, accurate method, and tools for precise soil analysis. Our app is a real time-saver, navigating the user straight to the soil pick-up position, avoiding unnecessary movement around the field whilst doing so.

Nowadays farms use various precision agriculture machinery like GPS receivers, GPS navigators, parallel driving systems, tractor and harvester telematics and other tools like drones, UVA. While planning to do NDVI for plant grow index, plant seeding, and fertilization or variable rate maps for your farming equipment, a simple soil sample is mandatory.


Farmdok is the smart farm management system
Run your farm professionally with smartphones & tablets

Crop monitoring based on satellite data
GPS-activity-tracking – record your activities easily during work
Crop scouting – take notes & pictures
Field management – Create fields, Share your fields
Export reports (PDF & XLS)

Enjoy the full functionality combined with the FARMDOK web application on

Farmer’s Income & Expense Manager

It helps modern farmers to keep track of their daily agricultural incomes and expenses. It’s a farm expense and income tracker app that helps a farmer generate text and visual reports that give insightful information to the farmer such as trends in incomes and expenses over a desired time period.

Best Free Farming Apps that will help your Business

Farming Solution

With Farming Solution, farmers can find the information they need to improve their agricultural and management practices – in the right format and at the right moment. Farming Solution complements technical assistance, fostering farmers’ autonomy to identify, plan improvements and monitor progress over time in their farms.

Best Free Farming Apps that will help your Business

Farmers can:
• Identify challenges through self-assessment
• Plan improvements in their farms
• Learn how to implement adjustments with audio visual resources
• Track progress towards better production
• Keep up-to-date with sector and local news!

Farming Solution can be used by producers of diverse crops and commodities in agriculture and livestock.

Organic Vegetables Farming

The organic farm has now shifted to the roof/terrace due to constraints of space, and is called Roof top/terrace farming.
You don’t need to acquire a regular garden to grow them, you can also grow these on a balcony or terrace.

Tomato: from “A” to “Z”

The app provide information on growing tomato. The application is a tool to obtain information about existing diseases and pests in the region and ways to protect crops, including the use of organic materials for plant protection. In addition, the mobile application can link farmers with the suppliers of seeds, plant protection products and other means of production, as well as with potential buyers, which presented in the application. In addition, the application provides information about the market prices.

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Best Free Farming Apps that will help your Business

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