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4 Best Ways to Sell Chickens in South Africa

You have raised your chickens and now they are ready to be sold but where an how? In this paragraph, we will cover the topic: 4 Best Ways to Sell Chickens that you raised

  • Local Township
  • Abattoir
  • Shops and Butcheries
  • Sell from your Farm

The most profitable way to sell your chickens is in Townships. South Africans love chickens and we can consume most of it. Driving through townships does not sound like the ideal business plan, but it works. If your price is rigth you can sell hundreds of chickens per day in townships.

Potential clients come to your vehicle and pick the chickens they want, pay you and it’s a done deal. You don’t really need marketing skills to sell from your vehicle, but you will need someone to assist with sales as it can get busy and you will get confused with the number of chickens sold.

Selling to Abattoirs

This is one of the hardest methods to sell chickens in South Africa. There are only a few abattoirs that will buy your chickens in South Africa. If you are one of the lucky ones to supply an abattoir, you will have to farm with large numbers to make a profit.

Supplying Shops and Butcheries

There are many shops, supermarkets and butcheries that will buy your freshly slaughtered chickens. You will have to get them slaughtered by a certified abattoir and have your paperwork in order to sell to them.

We will discuss setting up an abattoir on your farm at a later point on this website.

4 Best Ways to Sell Chickens in South Africa
4 Best Ways to Sell Chickens in South Africa

Sell from your Farm

Selling chickens from your Farm is not only fun but also very rewarding. Once you are an established chicken farmer people will come to you to buy chickens.

You can sell day-old chickens and chickens that are ready to slaughter.

The most common meat chicken to farm within South Africa is the Ross Broiler chicken. You can start selling them after only 5 weeks.

You do not need a TransporT Permit to sell Live Chickens.

Question: Can I slaughter Chickens on my Farm?

Answer: Yes you can. By South African Law you can slaughter 25 chickens every two weeks however you are not allowed to sell them.

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31 Replies to “4 Best Ways to Sell Chickens in South Africa”

  1. Hello
    For selling free range chickens in bulk, say around 5000 per month. Where can one preferably sell them?

    1. Hi, on that amount you will have to find a broker. You can call your local abattoir and ask the if they do have a brokers number

      1. I am also starting this is my first time raising chickens. But they are dieing I don’t know what do I do wrong can anyone please tell me.

        1. Can you advise your province, the age of the chickens and what type of chickens they are. I am sure we will find the reason why you have difficulties

    1. Hi. I sell Ross broilers from 6 weeks old to 8 weeks old at R30/kg. They are free range. I’m in Vanderbijlpark.

  2. Thank u for the info on where to sell and how to raise my chickens. m starting a poultry project in Zimbabwe. I also want to do fish farming.

      1. Hi Nkosiyezwe, This website is loaded with information. Please advise what you need to know and we will try to assist

  3. Good day, Im staying around King Williams Town. I started raising broilers in January, Mortality rate was ten from about a 50 batch. I seeked information from the internet and word of mouth, and that subsequently reduced the deaths. I’m currently raising about 200 now with a mortality rate of less than ten dying. My biggest challenge is the sourcing of day old chicks, sometimes I order very early from a local supplier but that is not helping much. I need help with suppliers around East London and King Williams Town.

  4. I’ve been growing chicken now I think they are ready to be sold but I’m having trouble getting buyers any advice
    from Mpumalanga Badplaas

  5. Hi,I am planning to do a poultry farming,all I want to know is the size of the land as I want to go far in near feature. Maybe to broile 30 to 40 thousand per cycle.
    One another thing is the size of poultry house for capacity of 2000 chickens.

  6. Hi there, I am also starting my own poultry farm but I don’t know where to sell my chickens, I’m in the northern cape, don’t have a abatoir

  7. I’ve just started farming business for the following chicken’s: Brahmas, Silver Wyandotte and Australorps. But I don’t know how to go about finding the buyers. Please refer if you know any one who may be interested.

  8. Good day
    I want to I know where can I get a permit certificate or licence to do Ross Broiler slaughtering? and have my paperwork in order to sell to restaurants and supermarket

  9. I would like to know which kind of paperworks I must have in order to sell chickens to shops, supermarkets and butcheries.

    1. You need to get the chickens slaughtered at an registered abattoir. Once you have their invoice and your vehicle is cooled with the specified regulations you can deliver to your vendor. (It is easier to get orders before you start slaughtering so that you can deliver fresh products directly to your vendor)

  10. Hi all

    I’m interested in growing a day old chicks and sell to growers, I’m in eastrand of gauteng. Anyone knows of possible clients that would be interested in buying?

  11. Hi l have just started raising broilers chicken I’m in Capetown my biggest challenge is how to go about finding market

  12. I wish to start poultry business soon but scared. The problem is that where am I going to get the buyer? I will be at homefull time soon . I also want to sell eggs . But confused who s Gina buy my product?

  13. Hi I am interested in selling broiler chicken and eggs, staying in Westonaria. Where can I buy in bulk?

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