Quick Profit Farming Ideas

10 Ideas for Fast and Profitable Farming

Farming is an very unforgiving business. If you decide to give up your comfortable city life to start farming, be sure that you have done your homework and be prepared to roll up your sleeves. Farming might sound like a fantasy , but in reality the term blood sweat and tears was created by farmers and not on the battlefields as many believe. Being lazy is not a option and be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. Here are 10 Ideas for Fast and Profitable Farming in 2021.

What is Farming Exactly?

Working ground, planting seeds and growing edible plants, fruit and vegetables are all the act or process of farming. When raising animals for dairy products, meat, eggs or profitable businesses like horse racing or master breeds, that would be considered as farming.

A farmer is a person raising animals or planting crops whereas a farm is a piece or land or building to farm with.

Farming vs Agriculture

Farming with crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers and rearing livestock in practice are called farming while explaining them all together in theory will be Agriculture. So to be clear, farming is acting out the practice while agriculture is describing the practice of farming. Still confused? “Farming is a great way to describe the lifestyle and work of people whose jobs are in the agriculture industry”

Can you become a farmer without experience or studying farming?

Farming can get very technical but it is one of the most satisfying jobs to see your produce grow regardless if it is animals, crops or vegetables. Farming without any experience is risky at first, but if you have the heart and passion you will become a novice farmer in no time. The most important lesson I can give anyone today is to speak to farmers that has been in the industry for years and pay close attention to what advise they have to offer.

Farming is not a business you can jump into and start making profits straight away. As a rule of thumb, farming takes up to a 1000 days before you start seeing a return on your investments.

Stay calm and don’t take unnecessary risks, if you are committed to your farming business and strive to make it a success you will achieve it.

10 Farming Ideas that will make you Quick Profits

10 Ideas you can start with as a beginner farmer and make money Fast!

How to make quick profit – Farming Ideas.

  • Broiler Chickens – They grow fast and you can start selling after just 5 weeks and make some profit
  • Layer Chickens takes longer to grow and start producing eggs, but if you buy young point of layers, you can start making serious money in a short period of time.
  • Pigs – Farming with pigs can see your investment grow super fast but pigs need time to grow. Speed up the process by buying piglets and start making profit in just 4 months
  • Rabbits – Fast growers and low maintenance, find your market and quadruple your investment in just 4 months.
  • Lettuce will give you a return on your investment in just 30 days making a decent profit and whats more, if you are growing lettuce indoors you will have an income for the whole year.
  • Radishes takes only 25 days to grow so if you have a market for radishes, you can start making money super fast.
  • Baby Carrots can be harvested in just 30 days – You can sell them to restaurants as they are not always available in Supermarkets.
  • Squash is another fast grower and you will start making profits in only 70 days.
  • Cucumbers are fast growers and very profitable to farm with. You can start harvesting in just 50 days.
  • Bush Beans are ready to be harvested from 40 days and is very sell able to markets and shops.
10 Farming Ideas that will make you Quick Profits

There are hundreds of ideas you can use a starter farmer, but getting to know your market and timing is essential to make the most profit as farming with the wrong products in the wrong area can be devistating to young or beginner farmers.

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Farming South Africa – 10 Ideas for Fast and Profitable Farming in 2021

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36 Replies to “10 Ideas for Fast and Profitable Farming”

  1. Thnx for warm welcome . I am a starter here thinking of doing poultry I just wanted to know how much is the cost for everything

    1. Depending if you want to farm with broilers or layers and what amount. You will find a feeding calculator on the website to start working out the cost on how many you want to farm with. Be advised that winter in SA is not a good time to start with broilers.

  2. I work as a teacher my husband is in farming business he is an amateur in farming I really want to leave my job and join him in his business what advice would you give to me.I am so motivated after I have read the definition of farming

    1. Hi Thembeka, I really think you should stick to your job until your husband is self-sustainable. Farming can be tough and tricky at times. Winter is also not a good time to start farming unless you can provide heat for your chickens if you are going to farm with that. Make sure you have a market before you decide to join your husband as you do not want to sit with stock you can’t sell. Good luck and I wish you all of the best.

  3. Good day

    I’ve been doing mixed farming with Cattle, sheep and goats. I have indigenous chickens as well. I’ve been doing research and getting mentorship on pig farming. I’m working on to start with Pig farming soon.

  4. I would like to plant avocados and peach and ather fruits i have a piece of and.just don’t know if this plants will be marketable in south africa.still have to learn the challenges i will face during different seasons

  5. Hi I just bought a piece of land and I want to venture into poultry farming but I am not sure whether to do broiler or egg laying. Which one would be best for a beginner with no experience?

    1. There is no reason to do both on small scale and see what works best for you in the future. Your fastest return on investment would probably be broilers.
      Good luck with your new venture

  6. Good day
    I want to start with snails.
    I want to know if you have any advice for me and where can I find a market to sell them?

  7. Good Day
    I want to start with broilers, i just want to find out how do i go about applying for funding which includes land as well. Your advice is highly appreciated.


  8. Good Day
    I recently registered a company.
    I have a challenge now to fully focus on my dream as I’m still looking for a land to start farming and poultry.
    I love Agriculture thou I never got a chance to study in this field but regardless of the circumstances I still wanted to succeed

  9. I’m a foreigner. Now I want to be a farmer. But I don’t know how to get some land for start farming. Tell me something. Pls

  10. I want to go to Buhle Farmers Academy and start my vegetable,pig and chicken farming. But I dont know it’s right thing to do at age 48

  11. Hi,

    I need your advise. Is it possible to start farming whilst I hold a Corporate Job? if so how do you advise I go about it?


  12. Hey I’m very new to this my question is in regards to marketing and selling the crops . I’m told it’s not easy what’s the best way to sell my veggies do I look up spars number and then what ? Also what would the start up capital be let’s say I want to start with lettuce how much would I put in ?

    1. Hi Modiki

      Everything worth trying, especially if you have land. Why do you have to die from hunger from a simple unproven statement?

      Take a risk, buy seeds, plant vegetables and see the return I promise, you will never lose your money from trying. A person who told you that it’s tough is either the person owns a farm and trying to minimize competition or never have tried farming before.

      Give it a try, you will see the blessings.

      Let’s communicate.

  13. Hi, My name is Jessica, I’m 33 years old and would like to go into farming. I need a mentor, please advise on who I can possibly contact. I have land .

    1. Hi Jessica

      I’m a financial advisor and accountant, I’m also interested in farming.

      I believe you are almost established. You just need to work on your budgets and start producing and harvesting then your business will start to flow. Take a little chance and do crops, they take only a few days to be ready for harvest. Take it from there and see if it’s doable. A tray of +200 cabbage seeds can be less than R190 or around that figure from 200 Cabbages can be sold in between R4.50 to R8.00. I also know this other market that needs cabbages, Green Chillies, Tomatoes, Butternut and Green peppers. All these crops, they take only 30 to 60 days to be ready for harvest.

      Make use of that land you have.

  14. I would like to be a vegetables farmer.who are the agents to sell my production or where do I have to go and sell my vegetables?Do I go to supermarkets directly or do I need agents?How do I get contact details of these agents or a place to sell.


    1. Hi Sonwabo

      Where are you based? Are you currently farming?

      I once came across this other which needs vegetables from time to time. They need Cabbages, Green Peppers, tomatoes, green chilies and butternut.

      I’m not an agent though, I just have some email and their website as well as cellphone number because I’m also interested in farming but currently I do not own any land, I’m still looking for land to buy or rent to own would be fine.

      Let’s communicate on this platform.

      Thank You

  15. Than u for info. I m William. I love pigs and I m busy with them and selling to the public. Problem is food for my pigs. I need funds to buy food for them. I aso love watermelon and peri-peri which I am planning to plant now in August. What is ur opinion on them

  16. Tans groei ek varkies uit wat ek slag & opsny deur die slagpale en stel ek belang in die Free downloadable eBooks about farming

  17. Hi

    I’m an aspiring farmer. All passion and zero experience. I’m interested in upskilling and mentoring. If there is anyone who can help me in this regard please contact me.

    Crop farming

    0670105305 (WhatsApp)

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